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North America

A journeyman is how it all started.

What was I? Who was I? How could I?

I didn’t know, and no one taught me.

So I learned, and I became more than me.

I became a whole other identity.

Look at me, but you don’t care. So I stare, you bear thee.

The economy isn’t what I should be so focused on.

But lifting dreams, and moving beams. I’m not lost.

I’m not myself.

Marvel, and the likes of comic books have made me develop a world that,

well, I guess it’s just a book of poems now.

The greatest book of poems ever.

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone on my path.

And if I did, I’m sorry. I love North America.

I am an American of The United States of America,

but I love North America.

I love the continents, all of them truly.

But does it matter, Bran? Does one care?

I don’t know, because I am so held back. . . .

Now I’m Brandon Builder.