I’ll Write With My Left

I have now just the time, and how much may ever vary, to say fairly and freely with word not spoken, that I myself have become the subject of not having enough. I live my life, with not enough. To cut through every fiber and lay down my best cloth, would be to say of … Continue reading I’ll Write With My Left

In The World

The 45th President of The United States of America has said that the American Dream is dead. Random studies say that the average American has no more than perhaps 5k to 10k in their savings, while the figure may be closer to 1,000 dollars. The degree has become more expensive over time, and if a … Continue reading In The World

This Message May Expire

The United States of America is the safety country of free men and women, on Earth. The safe, and the land of the free. The home of the brave. We do not want a world of harm. We want a world of freedom. We have existed in our current form, for a time-line that dates … Continue reading This Message May Expire

Rogue: 14

Perhaps a glass of whiskey. I won't over do it. Sometimes, I will admit. Life can be perhaps a bit too perplexing for one man to conquer, especially all by his lonesome. One glass. This is not meant to be of rhythmic pleasure. This line, is supposed to be what enhances my ability to enjoy … Continue reading Rogue: 14