This Message May Expire

The United States of America is the safety country of free men and women, on Earth.

The safe, and the land of the free.

The home of the brave.

We do not want a world of harm. We want a world of freedom. We have existed in our current form, for a time-line that dates back to the year 1775, and before that period, we were rather continental.

Today, I acknowledge that with my own right, we are perfect, and creating a world much more perfect. In our world, we are capable of doing what makes the old saying, of the American Dream, entrenched with the power of our grit, ingenuity, veracity and dedication, and our intelligence, possible. Today, anything is possible. As a nation, what matters is that we yearn to stick together. What matters of utmost urgency, without penetrating through the realm of that which may make one questionably incapable of coming to a conclusive agreement with another of some foreign pact, is that we as Americans strive for what laid the foundation of what and whom we are, and are capable of aspiring to be. So on, say 4th, on the 4th of our land celebrating, as a 4th, I attest, I will enjoy our land celebrating The 4th of July. I am here to be an American, and with every step, or row (though I am no swimmer), I am proud of you, of her, and our ability to drive forward and be what needs to be, so that those that will be, will be capable of doing much greater.

God Bless.

Rogue: 14

Perhaps a glass of whiskey.

I won’t over do it.

Sometimes, I will admit. Life can be perhaps a bit too perplexing for one man to conquer,

especially all by his lonesome.

One glass.

This is not meant to be of rhythmic pleasure.

This line, is supposed to be what enhances my ability to enjoy life.

This line, is for me to conjure up everything I’ll need, just to endure, just a bit more,

of nothing.

Because, I will admit, sometimes, I am trying my best.

Best doesn’t last forever.

It does, but not always.

Best takes time to become.

Once you are close to becoming the best, you have to adhere to the same procedures, or everything will increasingly change. Things will not falter, but you will see increased, and sometimes overtly stressful change.

To me, that is life. Life is a complex formula to me, which I personally I have given a name,

in another format,

but for now, I must to acquire a glass of whiskey.


It was rather dreary.

The surface of the Earth had taken a new pattern.

Upon their creation, came a wakening of seismic proportions.

Then began, the beginning.

Days had passed.

After a while, it had become apparent, that their creation had at least took fruition.

It was the road of a new way.

An open road.

The Matrin

I did not severe my line.

You are the line.

Here within,

Began the work of our new law.

Fractual. Impermeable. Finite with infinite capability.

We are garden