Sexual Assault & Harassment in Hollywood

It is wrong. Sexual assault is wrong. What is more wrong, is that we have to view this. When it comes to actors, actresses, rappers and singers and journalists, et cetera, I expect to see them when it comes to their profession. Yet, they have completely consumed our lives. The day's news is a cesspool … Continue reading Sexual Assault & Harassment in Hollywood

Explosive Behavior

Lake placid creeping up the alley throwing knives down, wives lane, flying over airplanes, spinning games rigged by the man nigga campaign, journey to another foreign land, reap the day gain. Insane. Dead men walking, Eighteen, anthem bang bang. Chang gang, knives in ya back and your dead. United Nations, of war, U.S. money and … Continue reading Explosive Behavior

Shithole Countries – The President

As if the status quo of what comes from the President's mouth could not be any more appalling, days after having a discussion over an immigration bill, The President referred to African Nations as "shithole countries" and eluded to a United States of America that he'd fancy for bringing in immigrants from predominantly Caucasian countries, … Continue reading Shithole Countries – The President

Dear God

Hey God. I wanted to quickly ask you for a million dollars. I am sure that this may be the best way to reach you. I've thought out how I'll use the money. I'll place a percentage of it in savings, bonds and investments. I'll use another portion of it to pay of my debt, … Continue reading Dear God