Rogue: 14

Perhaps a glass of whiskey.

I won’t over do it.

Sometimes, I will admit. Life can be perhaps a bit too perplexing for one man to conquer,

especially all by his lonesome.

One glass.

This is not meant to be of rhythmic pleasure.

This line, is supposed to be what enhances my ability to enjoy life.

This line, is for me to conjure up everything I’ll need, just to endure, just a bit more,

of nothing.

Because, I will admit, sometimes, I am trying my best.

Best doesn’t last forever.

It does, but not always.

Best takes time to become.

Once you are close to becoming the best, you have to adhere to the same procedures, or everything will increasingly change. Things will not falter, but you will see increased, and sometimes overtly stressful change.

To me, that is life. Life is a complex formula to me, which I personally I have given a name,

in another format,

but for now, I must to acquire a glass of whiskey.

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